Thermoformed ABS Hydroponic Growing Chamber

A client in the agricultural industry hired us to build a custom thermoformed hydroponic growing chamber for their facilities.

The client reached out to Northern Plastics Inc. due to our reputation as a leader in customized thermoformed components. For over 35 years, our experienced technical team has produced thousands of thermoformed items for a variety of industries.

The hydroponic growing chamber was meant to be used as an enclosed housing unit for growing, cultivating and harvesting plant life. We closely collaborated with the client to ensure that all the requirements for the growing chamber were incorporated into the final design. We were provided with detailed drawings, specifications and numerical data with which we worked throughout the manufacturing process.

The chamber needed to be constructed from a material with strong moisture and chemical resistance. Since the growing chamber was also going to be subjected to significant amounts of UV lighting, the material needed a light reflective layer to minimize long-term UV degradation.

Heavy gauge ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) was found to be the most suitable material for this application. In addition to being naturally durable and impact-resistant, ABS is also highly resistant to chemicals commonly used in the hydroponics industry. The ABS sheets were laminated with a KoradTM acrylic film to protect the plastic against UV damage.

According to the client-supplied drawings, the hydroponic growing chamber had measurements of 48 in x 48 in. We therefore opted for our 3-Station Rotary Thermoformer over a water cooled aluminum tool. We applied a haircell finish to the outer surfaces as requested by the client. The fabrication process was then completed by trimming the chambers using a 5-Axis Dual-Table CNC Router.

As per our ISO 9001 processes and procedures, each completed unit was documented, visually inspected and measured to ensure that the completed design met the client’s specifications. The quality of the materials was also verified using Level 3 PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) approval processes.

Ultimately, the final product was completed within the stipulated time frame and exceeded the client’s expectations. This project stood as a testament to Northern Plastic Inc.’s capacity to thermoform custom-made items for almost any industrial application.

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Hydroponic Growing Chamber Highlights

Custom Thermoforming Capabilities

Primary: Thermoforming
Secondary: CNC Trim
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part6 x 10 Single Station Thermoformer
5 Axis Dual Table CNC Router
Overall Part Dimensions91.18″ x 13.03″ x 5.59″
Material UsedABS with Korad (UV Protection)Material FinishHaircell/SmoothIn process testing/inspection performedVisual Inspection
Dimensional Inspection
Industry for UseHydroponicDelivery LocationUSAStandards MetISO 9001
Customer Supplied Prints and Math Data
Product NameHydroponic Growing Chamber